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Research into talent management activity

Principal focus of the project

The main focus of the project was an assessment of talent management within educational organisations according to how inclusive or exclusive that organisations policies are in regards to reducing inequality. This was done through a broad literature review, peer review of colleges' current practices related to talent management, a review of currently offered talent management programmes available through LSIS, and self-examination against the findings of the previous stages.

Areas of learning
What is this about and what were the main findings?

Through the review, the understanding of talent management shifted to an integrated approach for all aspects of organisational development and people management considering current and future conditions. The main drivers for talent management were identified as the changing dynamics of models of management, the relationship between talent management and business/organisational performance, changing employee expectations of career opportunities, and changing workforce demographics. Data was gathered from document analysis. 

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Rosie Rutherford - Cymbiosis Consultancy


A research report describing a project that appraised effective talent management and its implications for individuals and organisations.

Resource Type: Report, Research report