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LSIS Research Development Fellowship (RDF) projects 2012-2013: Putting the Pieces Together: How Joint Practitioner Research improved the employability of students by true negotiation of learning goals

Principal focus of the project

The focus was to improve the quality of teaching and learning and, in particular, to establish the extent of cross – curricular collaboration on the improvement of the setting and achievement of learning goals. The project was based on a collaborative inquiry approach derived from Action Research, intended to ensure that all participants were actively involved in the process and most of the decisions - "researching with the participants, rather than on them"

What is this about and what were the main findings?

Of the two groups participating in the research ('A' and 'B'), both confirmed discussion of goals with their tutor, but on the whole, ‘A’ members showed a better grasp of the concept of ownership, one saying: ‘…The goals help me with my reading and writing and make me understand better’, illustrating both understanding and individual ownership. The tutors had the opportunity to influence each others practice, and reflect on their own practice in the OTLs. Data was gathered from document analysis and interviews/surveys. 

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Diane Holmes - Workers' Educational Association

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LSIS Research Development Fellowship (RDF) projects 2012-2013


The project's aim was to improve the quality of teaching and learning through Joint Practice Development (JPD), by encouraging collaboration between partners, students and tutors, and in particular by means of collaborative peer observation. 

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