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LSIS Practitioner Research Programme 2012-13: Closing your own gap - ESOL speaking self-assessment built upon Clarke’s method

Principal focus of the project

The aim was to use reflection on voice recordings and blogs to encourage ESOL learners to assess their strengths and areas for development, to help them take more responsibility for advancing their speaking skills.

What is this about and what were the main findings?

The research found that learners were keen to listen to themselves and record their voices at home and in class on Smartphones. Not all learners liked using the blog, partly because they lacked the necessary ICT skills. Learners were able to use the recordings to identify one key area to improve upon after repeat listenings. Adopting the “Closing the gap” strategy with learners’ written work has also proved useful in focusing learners’ attention to key areas for improvement. Learners used to teacher led assessment needed time to develop self analysis and study skills.

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Kate - Lindley - Kirklees College

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LSIS and SUNCETT Practitioner Research Project


This is a poster sumarising an enquiry into how using formative assessment of speaking skills affected learner ability and motivation in a L2 ESOL class.

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