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LSIS Practitioner Research Programme 2012-13: Bringing formative assessment to life - using video to give feedback on ESOL learners’ writing

Principal focus of the project

The focus was on exploring how effective video feedback was for ESOL learners in improving their writing skills, and particularly in overcoming issues such as difficulty in engaging with, reading, understanding or remaining motivated in the face of written feedback not in their mother tongue. The project also aimed to explore the reactions to the process of video feedback of both learners and tutors. 

What is this about and what were the main findings?

The learners reported that they:
• were able to understand the video feedback more clearly
• watched the feedback videos multiple times
• gained a better understanding of their mistakes
• enjoyed listening to the tutor’s pronunciation
• preferred the video feedback to written feedback

Data was gathered from interviews/surveys and a comparative trial. 

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Charlotte Assomo - Highbury College

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 LSIS Practitioner Research Programme 2012-13


A poster exploring ESOL learners' reactions to receiving video feedback and tutor's experience of giving feedback by video. It also aimed to develop an innovative approach to giving and receiving feedback.

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