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Stepping Up in Sustainability: Bedford College - Sustainability Leadership at Bedford College

Principal focus of the project

The college instituted a framework for sustainability, focused on four key themes: Leadership, Learning, Organisational Capacity, and Partnerships. They used the Reaching Forward Index to assess current performance and inform a whole-organisational approach to review and action planning, along with resources and case studies from the Excellence Gateway via a series of workshops to build familiarity with the materials and embed sustainability into colleagues' departments' work.

Areas of learning
What is this about and what were the main findings?

An estimated 90% of college staff received development through a presentation delivered by the CEO, supplemented by a series of planning workshops for middle managers. The college also created a permanent post, Sustainability and Carbon Reduction Coordinator, to oversee and drive action in this space across the College. The practitioners concluded that it was important to develop a clear understanding of how sustainability relates to the work of staff in all departments and at all levels in order to achieve lasting success. Data was gathered from document analysis, and custom tests/assessments.

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Bedford College

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Stepping Up in Sustainability


A project in an FE college exploring how to develop awareness of sustainable leadership and strategies for measuring and assessing performance across the college

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