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Stepping Up in Sustainability: City College Coventry: A video guide to learning for sustainability


The starting point for this project was the premise that learning providers need to develop innovative forms of learning infrastructure that make best use of the new generation of learning systems and focus on the delivery of those higher order 21st Century skills that will help society become “low carbon ready”. The project developed a simple and easy-to-access “Video Guide to Sustainability Intelligence”, to help a mass audience of learners across the sector and beyond align their worldview, mindset, values and actions with the goals and operating principles of a low carbon society and with the wider strategic objectives of sustainability. The Video Guide takes the form of a series of short, informative, inspirational and instructional videos which seek to develop an understanding of key concepts underpinning the idea of Sustainability Intelligence and to integrate these into a compelling case for a new kind of “social” learning, relevant and appropriate to the grand challenges of the 21st Century.