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LSIS Research Development Fellowship (RDF) projects 2011-2012: Mind the Gap: An evaluation of Joint Development Practice between FE and HE tutors within Art and Design

Principal focus of the project

The project's focus was to evaluate how well Access tutors could work together with HE staff to improve pedagogy with a specialist art and design college. The case study aims to illustrate the benefits and challenges of working with other sectors in art and design education. Access tutors observed arts critique sessions where students presented work and received feedback in the studio, and a group of students also observed an HE critique taking place.

What is this about and what were the main findings?

The researcher concluded that the process worked best when there were already good relationships in place between the different course providers, and that developing these relationships should be given as much time and energy as possible. The shift in the critique in the art setting from the product to the process proved important for both learners and teachers but the way in which HE providers focused on enabling students to become confident, reflective practitioners was seen as an important, related but also distinctive, next step.

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Sue Garland - Leeds College of Art

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LSIS Research Development Fellowship


A case study describing the results of an evaluation of a Joint Practice Development project between FE and HE tutors within Art and Design.

Resource Type: Case study, Report