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LSIS Research Development Fellowship (RDF) projects 2011-2012: Valuing the learner in value added: a view of attributing success and failure?

Principal focus of the project

The key focus was to improve student attainment and overall course impact through in depth analysis of progress data structurd to identify the Value Added (VA) by courses, together with evidence about students' effort, beliefs and learning strategies.

Areas of learning
What is this about and what were the main findings?

The data made it clear that these students who were under achieving were entering Further Education with unrealistic beliefs about effort and their potential progress and without the self-regulation strategies for learning that could increase their chances of success in vocational education. It is encouraging to see that in most cases students' beliefs, effort and strategies related to issues they could control; this suggests that the students acknowledged they were able to make changes but needed to develop skills that would assist such development

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Michael Johansen - Northumberland College 

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LSIS Research Development Fellowship


A report exploring an attempt to analyse value added and student characteristics data to identify causes of under acheivement and those varobales most likely to provide a platform for future leanrer succecss

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