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Basingstoke College of Technology: Putting Colleges at the Heart of Enterprise

Principal focus of the project

The project's aims were to bring together a broad array of FE providers, the local authority, and local businesses in order to support the design and delivery of training and business support to smaller companies. The intent was to create a programme of 35 new courses, as well as skills training support for employers and employees in smaller businesses in the area. The project also aimed to ensure that each college became an essential partner in the business development and growth of the area it served, and that the contributions such providers could make were recognised as equal in importance as availability of land and capital.

What is this about and what were the main findings?

The project enabled the creation of a large number of new courses, prompted research into potential development of a dedicated local business school, and prompted the development of an Apprenticeship Training Agency for the county, with seven colleges committing to join the plan for a uniform ATA service. Data was gathered from document analysis and custom tests/assessments. 

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Basingstoke College of Technology

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A research report of a project seeking to establish a partnership between colleges, local authorities, and employers to support the creation of new professional, leadership and management courses.

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