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LSIS Research Development Fellowship (RDF) projects 2010-2011: Deep Learning and Virtual Learning Environments: Enabling Further Learning through available Technology

Principal focus of the project

The project focused on providing learners contact time to engage with the MOODLE platform in use more deeply, to support them achieving a passing grade, and to engage in extended discussions with learners on lesson topics through a forum on the VLE.

What is this about and what were the main findings?

The research found that just under half of the participating students found the VLE system to be superfluous or adequate. The practitioner concluded that contextual factors may have skewed the results, as learner opinions varied widely as to what services and benefits a VLE should provide them. Staff engaged with the project reported more positively, finding it easier to track and monitor student progress and avoid time consuming paperwork and organisational concerns.

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Stephen Barton - Stroud College

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LSIS Research Development Fellowship


A report exploring a project that aimed to improve the quality of online learning resources using a Virtual Learning Environment, with the broader strategic goal of enabling deeper learning

Resource Type: Report, Research report