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Nottingham Hairdressing Training Agency Ltd (NHTA) - Back to Basics in Teaching and Learning in Hairdressing

Summary Following an inadequate grading at inspection in September 2010, Nottingham Hairdressing Training Agency Ltd (NHTA) realised that action was necessary to address the problems of poor teaching and learning that were impacting on all aspects of their business. Intervention was first offered by the LSIS Improvement and Development Service with support provided from an expert hairdressing education adviser. This was followed by the appointment of a then interim Quality Manager to take improvements forward. One of the September 2010 inspection team took on this role. NHTA knew that the inspector had the expertise and also the knowledge of their organisation to be able to help them improve. Over the following year there was a focus on improving teaching and learning, taking the teaching team right back to basics. The company efforts were rewarded with satisfactory grades at re-inspection in 2011 and a much more confident and effective teaching team.
Resource Type: Case study
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