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Yes we can! Exploring study strategies for effective learning and teaching at AS level in Science and Maths

Principal focus of the project

A summary report presentation exploring how to help Maths and Science students to transition from GCSE to A-Level.

Areas of learning
What is this about and what were the main findings?

This study explored bridging the learning skills gap that exists for many students transitioning from Level 2 to Level 3 Maths and Science, which ultimately leads to their underachieving.

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Number of participants who worked with the project
Name(s) of authors

Vasu Krishnaswamy, Stanmore College

Name of associate programmes

LSIS Research Development Fellowships/sunCETT


LSIS Research Development Fellowship project presented by Vasu Krishnaswamy of Stanmore College at the LSIS Research Conference 2012.

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