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HMPYOI Lancaster Farms - Developing strategies to improve support given to tutors working in the establishment

Principal focus of the project

The focus was on identifying ways to establish effective support systems to help teachers improve their practice and develop effective strategies to engage young offenders. To achieve this, the education management team worked with the college's Quality Mentor to produce a Teaching and Learning Strategy, and then worked with colleagues to identify methods of providing support for new and existing teachers, identify methods of sharing effective practice, review and develop meaningful policies and procedures to support teachers, and introduce the new support structure. As a result, the College has developed extensive systematic support before all teachers new to the prison are put in front of a class, regardless of their level of experience.

Areas of learning
What is this about and what were the main findings?

The focus on supporting tutors managing challenging behaviour was successful. The quality of teaching and learning was increased significantly. Also, improving staff support and development led to an improvement in staff retention. The improved stability within the staff team was also observed to have a positive impact on learners. Data was gathered through obvservation of practice and before/after assessments. 

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Sue Breeze - HMPYOI Lancaster Farms


A report illustrating the creation of a Teaching and Learning Strategy in order to identify methods of providing support for new and exisitng teachers and to identify methods of sharing effective practice in the context of the secure sector.

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