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Weymouth College - Case Study Emerging Governance Models

Principal focus of the project

The principal focus of the project was to enable two colleges to develop co-working for the mutual benefit of all learners through formation of a federation (as opposed to a merger). A federation proposal was developed to guide this co-operation, with each college working through communication strategies and consultations with staff. Initial questions were around practical and procedural issues the colleges may face.

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Initial staff consultations found that there was little support for the merger due to a lack of clarity on the apparent benefits that could not be achieved by mutual collaboration and sharing of good practice, as well as the lack of information on senior leadership appointments for the formal federation. The appointment of the principal for the degerated college was also highlighted as a difficult process due to statutory requirements and the colleges own Instruments and Articles laws. It was ultimately decided that a federation was not to be pursued. Data was gathered through interviews/surveys and document analysis.

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Weymouth College


A case study exploring a co-operative working relationship between two geographically close colleges with similar profiles and learners, to improve the quality of learning and growth provision, and enhance efficiency.

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