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HMPYOI Hindley - Addressing approaches to Behaviour Management

Principal focus of the project

The study was undertaken to explore staff perception of learner behaviour, behaviour management and the introduction of a ‘reflection room’ - and the behaviour and educational experience of the young people.

Using responses to questionnaires, interviews and focus groups, staff and learner perceptions were analysed and some finding and conclusions offered.

Areas of learning
What is this about and what were the main findings?

A total of 26 staff and 180 learners were surveyed and/or interviewed. they were asked a series of questions about the nature of challenging behaviours and the methods for addressing them. Specific questions were asked about the existing Incentives and Earned Privilegessystem and the benefits of introducing a 'reflection room'. Staff reported a mixed response to a survey on the use of the 'reflection room', with a preference for longer term investment in tackling underlying causes of negative learner behaviour through programmes for the learners. Identified areas for improvement were the impact the teachers have on a learners behaviour and learning, and an inability of the young offenders to recognise the impact of their emotions on their behaviour. The case study makes a number of recommendations, which include address inconsistencies in staff challenges to negative behaviour, and providing dedicated training to the staff members to meet the needs and interests of all parties. Data was gathered through interviews/surveys.

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Dr Anne Kennedy - Hindley Young Offenders Institute

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A study researching staff and young offenders experiences in managing challenging behaviour, and reducing re-offending.

Resource Type: Case study
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