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Colchester College; Effective behaviour support

Principal focus of the project

The report outlines an exemplar case study of a learner presenting significant behavioural challenges . It describes the stages and processes in managing the behaviour in and beyond the classroom.

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What is this about and what were the main findings?

Following a multi-agency review, one-to-one support was appointed to the learner to decrease the frequency of behavioural issues. Art therapy was also used to help with anger management. The number of reported incidents at the college were significantly reduced. Staff at the college recommend that the support worker be involved in future reviews for the learner to liase more easily with all parties. The learner successfully completed Skills for Life maths and literacy assessments, and has expressed interest in continuing at college the following year to improve employment prospects. Data was gathered from observation of practice and document analysis. 

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Colchester Institute


A case study describing the impact of behaviour support on a learner with SEND at risk of expulsion.

Resource Type: Case study