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Kingston College: Supporting Learners that Challenge

Principal focus of the project

The primary focus for this project was to provide resources and information to allow other institutions to build on enquiry based developmentin Kingston College to enable them better to support learners with behavioural problems. As a result of an increase of applicant learners presenting with challenging behaviour, the college reviewed previous, approaches for dealing with inappropriate behaviour. They found these had led to extended time out of learning and increased student frustrationand disaffection because they were insufficiently solution focussed. The Colelge developed and refeind new approaches for dealing with behavioural issues which weredesigned to be quicker and less likely to lead to suspension. Distinctions are made between minor and more serious behavioural incidents; minor incidents are dealt with by providing learners, carers, and/or parents with ongoing details of incidents to enable monitoring of pattern, and a partnership meeting to agree stratgeis to manage inappropriate behaviour patterns. For more serious incidents, a meeting is held with the student the same day or at the latest within24 hours ofan incident in order to manage any risks and agree wrokable solutions to behaviour chlenges  and plan support for re-entry into class. 

Areas of learning
What is this about and what were the main findings?

The new procedures put in place have become the standard reporting procedure for the college, and the number of behavioural incidents has fallen by 28% compared to the previous year, with only one permanent exclusion of a learner with SEND. The case study also highlights that the project team planned to integrate conflict resolution protocols between victims and perpetrators in the approach to  behavioural incidents in future. Data was gathered from before/after assessments, and document analysis. 

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A description of an innovation developed, refined and designed to resolve, and reduce the repetition of challenging behaviours. The resources include a case study , a description of the process and several of the tools and protocols developed by the college.