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Kingston College: Behaviour that challenges

Principal focus of the project

The main focus of the study was to develop a 3 step approach to behaviour managent. It involved documenting learners' inappropriate behaviours and their causes as extensively as possible, an interview with the student and the parents and or supporting agency, designed to identify supporting strategiesneeded to ensure the learner has posiitve leanring experiences and  the developmentof a behaviour management plan which sets out likely behaviours, potential impacts and techniques to minimise those behaviours. The case study provides an example of these resources being used with a learner at the college.

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What is this about and what were the main findings?

For the learner in the case study, the use of this approach resulted in " complte transformation" of leanring behaviours for the learner on the course. The learner's demeanour in lessons and communication skills were both noted to have improved, and the focus learner has also developed aspirations about enhancing  acheivement in maths. The college, on he absis of the success of this approach, now accept students with behavioural issues who they would not have accepted in the past becasue they lacked stratgeis for dealing with such challenges. This also led to a rise in course retention (5%) and a decrease in the number of serious incidents involving behaviour over two academic years (down 17%). Data was gathered from document analysis and observation of practice. 

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Kingston College


A case study exploring a college approach to providing support for dealing with challenging learner behaviour issues to colleagues who had not previously been trained to deal with them. 

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