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Dudley Council: Planning

Principal focus of the project

This project focused on improving transition and in developing new provision and support arrangements across the borough, with the long-term aim of increasing the level of interaction and sharing of practice which took place across providers

Areas of learning
What is this about and what were the main findings?

Key messages from the project were:
(a) Effective teaching and learning: Much scope for cross-organisational staff training and development; Benefit of substantial investment in pre-enrolment assessment and diagnostic testing; Potential to draw upon centres of expertise e.g. management of challenging behaviour; specialist communications expertise; Value of embedding work experience opportunities as a core part of the curriculum
(b) Planning for young people’s futures: importance of involving parents and carers; Need to develop expertise on students’ capacity to make decisions within the Mental Capacity Act framework; Value of involving college students with learning difficulties and or disabilities in showcasing further education to students at their former schools. Data was gathered through interviews/surveys. 

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John Cunningham - LSIS

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LSIS Support and Aspiration Project


This project demonstrated how Dudley Council approached planning of local learning opportunities across their provider network.

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