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Support for Literacy, Language and Numeracy

Since September 2010, LSIS has engaged a number of providers in each region with proven expertise in delivering literacy, language and numeracy (LLN) to help other organisations improve the quality of their LLN provision.

With over 300 supported providers reporting 100% satisfaction over 2010/11, there is clear evidence of the positive impact this sector support model is having. LSIS is drawing on this invaluable sector expertise to continue driving the improvement agenda from September 2011.

In this next phase, providers will benefit from bespoke support packages designed to address organisational priorities, both at a strategic and operational level. Support is offered through consultancy, continuing professional development, webinars, study visits or peer working groups.

A typical package of support will include two consultancy visits, three half day CPD events and up to two peer working groups. Organisations may wish to opt for a smaller package of one consultancy visit, two half day CPD events and one peer working group with a reduced contribution charge.

The support activity for LLN is primarily targeted at the following provider profiles:

  • providers who are new to Skills for Life,
  • offender learning institutions,
  • providers with employer facing activity,
  • providers with significant numbers of learners below Level 2 with provision that is identified as unsatisfactory.

There will also be some activity on offer for all providers, with a particular focus on numeracy.

If you are accepted onto the programme, you will be able to choose one of two possible package options, with contribution charges of either £500 or £1000 depending on which level of support is requested.

This charge is payable by LSIS Account.

For more information about activity in your region, please get in touch with one of our three regional contacts below.




Phone Number

North West,
North East, Yorkshire and the Humber
Maisie Haselden 07957 483096
East Midlands, West Midlands and East of England Denise Montague 07708 038135
South West, South East and London Terri Williams 07779 225032