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LSIS guidance on delivery

This section of the resource library contains guidance documents and information for schools, colleges and other providers preparing to deliver or delivering Foundation Learning.

Getting started

Quick guide: What is Foundation Learning?  (PDF document, 95KB)

This quick guide introduces Foundation Learning, the national suite of learning for learners aged 14-19 working predominantly at Entry Level or Level 1.

Getting started with Foundation Learning: A resource for schools and other providers working with Key Stage 4 learners (PDF document, 679KB)

This resource will help schools and other centres working with learners at Key Stage 4 who need to prepare to implement Foundation Learning programmes. This is a slightly revised version incorporating the erratum listed below. 

Getting started: A guide for colleges and providers preparing for implementation of Foundation Learning  (PDF document, 835Kb)

This resource is for staff working in colleges and training providers who are preparing to develop a Foundation Learning offer using qualifications at entry level and level 1 of the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF). It will be of interest predominantly to staff working with learners in the 16–19 age range but sets this in the wider context of 14–19.

Preparing to implement Foundation Learning: A resource for 14–19 managers  (PDF document, 492KB)

This resource will be of interest to managers who are supporting the implementation of Foundation Learning across the 14–19 phase. This includes 14–19 consortia, partnerships and local authority managers. It may also interest senior leaders in schools, alongside the separate school-focused Getting Started with Foundation Learning at Key Stage 4 (LSIS, Nov 2009) publication.


A guide to understanding funding when developing Foundation Learning programmes for 16–18 learners (PDF document, 358KB)

This guide has been written for curriculum managers and practitioners who are responsible for managing, designing and implementing Foundation Learning programmes for 16 to 18 year old learners and those aged 19–25 with learning difficulties and/or disabilities (LLDD) that are funded by the Young People’s Learning Agency (YPLA).

Curriculum planning and development

The benefits of using the QCF to engage and motivate 14-19 learners on Foundation Learning programmes (PDF document, 390KB) 

This resource is intended to help local authority managers, curriculum managers and practitioners to use the features of the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF) to engage and motivate learners on Foundation Learning programmes.

Guidance on timetabling Foundation Learning programmes at Key Stage 4 (PDF document, 339KB)

This guidance is intended to help schools with planning the timetable to accommodate Foundation Learning. It is based on the experience of Foundation Learning pilot schools.

Foundation Learning and the learner journey  (PDF document, 4MB)

This guide will be of interest to post-16 providers who are delivering entry level and level 1 provision to 16-19 year olds. It helps providers to think about each stage of the learner journey in the context of delivering Foundation Learning programmes and identifying areas for improvement.

Features of effective practice in building the Foundation Learning curriculum  (PDF document, 1MB)

This guide will be of interest to staff working in 14–19 providers, who are responsible for the development and implementation of their Foundation Learning curriculum.

Improving progression for learners with learning disabilities and/or difficulties (PDF document, 1Mb)

This guide will help providers working with post-16 learners with learning difficulties and/or disabilities (LLDD), who need to plan and deliver effective personalised learning programmes within Foundation Learning.

Building progression between Foundation Learning and the Foundation Diploma (PDF document, 302Kb)

This guide aims to support teachers and managers in exploring the potential for progression from Foundation Learning to a Foundation Diploma, as one of the four 14–19 national suites of learning.

Individual learning plans in Foundation Learning at Key Stage 4 (PDF document, 1MB)

This resource focuses on implementing individual learning plans (ILPs) within Foundation Learning programmes at Key Stage 4.

Personal learning and thinking skills in Foundation Learning (PDF document, 1.7Mb)

The framework for personalised learning and thinking skills (PLTS) emphasises the importance of acquiring and improving skills that enable young people to cope with change and to learn effectively. These skills, together with the functional skills of English, mathematics and information and communication technology (ICT), play a crucial role in preparing learners for successful learning, work and life.

Personal and social development (PSD) as part of Foundation Learning: Quick guide (PDF document)

This guide explores PSD within Foundation Learning and how citizenship and youth community action can be integrated into provision. It includes examples of emerging practice drawn from six provider case studies.

Partnership working

Effective partnership working within Foundation Learning (PDF document, 1Mb)

This guide can be used to review existing arrangements for partnership working when preparing to implement Foundation Learning programmes.