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Sustaining our Future

Sustaining Our Future FrameworkWhat does sustainable development mean for learning and skills providers and their learners?

The learning and skills sector is increasingly aware of the relevance of sustainable development to all aspects of its work, including leadership, teaching and learning, operations and partnerships.  Increasing focus on localism and skills for a low carbon society, on carbon reduction, on community development and on integration of services points to an increasing need to address sustainability across the learning and skills sector.

Sustaining Our Future

Sustaining Our Future aims to provide a common vision and key themes for sustainability in the sector, which can enable all of us to more easily and objectively develop and implement a strategic response. 

The Framework has been developed to support providers and strategic bodies in building on current practice in sustainability, and to bring collective strength and coherence to provider and cross-sector developments in order to achieve real change in this area.  LSIS has taken responsibility for developing the Framework, in partnership and consultation with providers and partners. 

By accessing the Framework via the link below, you will be able to investigate the vision and key themes in more detail and use this information, along with a number of questions and resources, to explore and develop your organisation’s current strategy and practice in sustainable development.

Visit the Sustaining Our Future Framework

Reaching Forward Index in Sustainable Development 

The Reaching Forward Index in Sustainable Development is a self-assessment tool that complements the Framework in providing a mechanism for you to identify and quantify your organisation's current strategy and practice in sustainable development against the vision and themes.  This in turn can enable you to determine areas of strength, which present opportunities for building and sharing, to pinpoint areas for development, which present opportunities for reflection and action, and to regularly measure progress.

Visit the Reaching Forward Index in Sustainable Development