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LSIS policy services

To function effectively in a rapidly changing sector, effective leaders must have access to sound analysis of government policy in the medium to long term. This is especially crucial as the further education and skills sector moves toward a culture of greater autonomy and flexibility; a leader must be able to realise a vision that delivers national priorities while also meeting local needs.

The LSIS policy team provides timely insight and analysis of policy developments affecting the further education and skills sector. LSIS also supports the engagement of leaders within the sector to influence and inform policy development. The full range of LSIS policy outputs are available on the LSIS corporate website. Key resources include:

  • Policy¬†updates: subscribe for the latest news and insights in to policy developments affecting further education and skills.
  • Brief guides: LSIS produces summaries of policy developments, initiatives and topics pertinent to the further education and skills sector.

You can also find information about the independent Commission on Adult Vocational Teaching and Learning, announced by Government in New Challenges, New Chances in December 2011. Find out more about the commissioners, the aims of the Commission and the latest call for evidence.

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