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Learners and learning support


This area of work is rapidly developing. Here is a good selection of advice, guidance and resources drawn from current and past work in the sector, including inspection findings and recommendations.

You can also browse the listing of all sections on the Excellence Gateway about learners and learning support.

Support and improvement sections for this topic

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24+ Advanced Learning Loans
LSIS is offering practical support to help providers in managing learners with 24+ Advanced Learning Loans and in planning and managing the organisational change required.
Last updated: 21/05/13

Career Development
LSIS has worked with the sector to develop resources to support staff in developing the skills and knowledge necessary to enable them to provide career development for learners.
Last updated: 26/07/12

Enhancing Learning Support
These pages contain the resources, materials and reports from the Enhancement of Learning Support (ELS) programme and are aimed specifically at learning support assistants (LSAs), their managers and ...
Last updated: 10/07/13

Equality and Diversity
Equality and Diversity plays an important role for FE providers. Good practice needs to be embedded in each organisation to serve both learners and staff. Discover where to find resources to support ...
Last updated: 23/08/12

Informal adult & community learning resources
The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) has brought together a wide range of resources specially designed to support anyone with a passion for creating, supporting or delivering high ...
Last updated: 23/08/10

Learners with learning difficulties/disabilities
A section signposting readers to resources relating to teaching and suppporting learners with learning difficulties and/or disabilities.
Last updated: 07/05/13

National Healthy FE and Skills
In July 2008, Ministers in Department of Health (DH), Department for Innovation Universities and Skills (DIUS) and Department for Children Schools and Families (DCSF) approved and announced the ...
Last updated: 04/02/14

Post-16 Citizenship Support
This section's central aim is to disseminate as widely as possible, and build on, outcomes from the development programme in order to mainstream citizenship provision in post-16 education and ...
Last updated: 10/05/12

Resources, reports and advice about using and gathering evidence and research
Last updated: 16/08/12

Safe colleges: tackling guns, gangs and knives
LSIS has worked with the Department for Business Innovation and Skills and a number of colleges across England to produce advice and guidance on a whole organisational approach to tackling issues ...
Last updated: 20/10/09