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Teaching and Learning Central

Since 2003, the LSIS Teaching and Learning team has developed and implemented a powerful model for continuous improvement based on peer coaching approaches. Central to this model has been the development of communities of practice: teachers, tutors, trainers from a variety of subjects and managers who have acquired the expertise, qualities and skills to support the ongoing improvement of teaching and learning practice.

During 2011/12 the teaching and learning area will be offering:

  1. Opportunities to attend regional “Learning Fairs”- a network of communities of practice who meet to discuss teaching and learning issues and share expertise and effective practice
  2. Regional grants to providers to create change in Teaching and Learning
  3. Online Communities of practice for Teaching and Learning through VLE support and development of new materials to support training delivery

A national Teaching and Learning Fair: This national conference will be for Curriculum Leadership in the learning and skills sector and will bring together leaders, managers and their change agents and include a variety of workshops. It will also include an induction to a variety of ‘off the shelf’ LSIS TLP/change agent training modules for providers to use and cascade within their own organisation.