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Section 2: Starting points and identifying options

As a voluntary or community organisation you have a set of purposes and you will want to use your energy and resources to help you fulfil them. This starter kit aims to help you decide if and how the development of literacy, language and numeracy (LLN) can help you fulfil that mission. It takes a "whole organisation"; approach, which means that support for LLN is not treated as an optional add-on for a few people: the need to be literate and numerate, and to be able to use technology to communicate, is important for all your organisation's people and across all its functions. Consideration of this should be woven into strategic and operational planning.

More about whole organisation approach

First of all this section invites you to do some structured thinking. You might like to use the ideas for launching preliminary discussions with your colleagues, clients and other stakeholder, around these topics:

  • Why get involved?
  • Who might be involved?
  • Your starting points

Secondly we encourage you to use a self assessment checklist to establish where you are in the process of getting involved with LLN, and the extent to which your whole organisation is committed. This should help you identify your strengths and the areas which it would be most useful to work on.

Thirdly, based on your work so far, it is time to choose an approach, to suit your particular organisation at this particular moment.

Finally, we offer an action plan framework for you to use to take your thinking forward.