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Welcome to the Talk and Share area of the Excellence Gateway. In this online space, you can discuss issues relevant to your work, store and share information and keep a record of key resources.

  • Workrooms are online workspaces which support group discussions. If you have registered with the Excellence Gateway then you can create a workroom and you can decide whether to make it publicly accessible or private. Workrooms are a great way of sharing inforamtion with a smaller group of colleagues, discussing documents, or developing resources.
  • Forums are open discussions, focused around one particular issue. Any user of the Excellence Gateway can read posts on any open forum; registered users can post in forums and can create new conversations.
  • User submitted resources is a section where you can upload and share resources that could help others, for example to develop practise and skills, to share research and project outputs or great ideas to use with learners.

If you have registered with the Excellence Gateway and you are logged on, you will also notice an additional area called My Workrooms. This is where you can find a simple list of all the workrooms of which you are a member.

Please be aware of the house rules for community features which all users of these features are expected to follow. These have been updated as of August 2012.

Note: We have transferred all Excellence Gateway registrations to the new site so that our existing users can continue to access their accounts without disruption. Therefore, if you have already registered with the Excellence Gateway then you have full access to the Talk and Share facilities. Users who are not registered will still be able to find and browse user submitted content and browse many of the discussion areas.

If you were previously a member of a workroom or forum, you will still be able to review discussions and documents. However, we have moved all existing forums and workrooms to the Treasury, which means that you'll not be able to continue any conversations or add any further documents.

Please be aware that the facilities in the Talk and Share area of the Excellence Gateway are wholly new. Therefore we were unable to transfer your membership of workrooms and forums that were on the previous site, and nor were we able to transfer your bookmarks.