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Enhancing Learning Support

These pages contain the resources, materials and reports from the Enhancement of Learning Support (ELS) programme and are aimed specifically at learning support assistants (LSAs), their managers and senior managers within organisations seeking to support and improve the role of learning support.

There is information for LSAs on developing their career, both through qualifications and Continuing Professional Development (CPD), as well as tools and resources for practitioners and organisations to improve practice. An overview summary description of the programme and its outputs and how they relate to each other has been developed.

Throughout these pages learning support assistants are referred to as LSAs, continuing professional development is referred to as CPD and national occupational standards are referred to as NOS.

In 2012/13 the Learning Support Reference Group will write and produce 3 newletters written by LSAs, for LSAs. These newsletters will be full of useful information, advice and guidance to support LSAs in their role.

Developing and progressing

Training and development for learning support staff including qualifications and CPD.

Developing the Organisation

Resources to support improvement through organisational development.

Resources for Learning Support

Including influential reports and effective practice guides to support practitioners.