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Teaching and learning: quality and observation

Examples of PRD activity that focus on observation of teaching and learning (OTL).

  • Support for Success resources for progress and achievement
    The Support for Success (s4s) quality improvement programme webpages contain useful resources captured between 2003 to 2007. Whilst many s4s resources are of lasting relevance it is important to check the date of any information about policies and sector requirements as these are subject to frequent change.
  • 'Learning and assessment' page of the Ofsted good practice database
    The Ofsted Good Practice Database contains guidance and hundreds of Good Practice Examples drawn from inspections in colleges, workplaces and adult learning centres throughout England.
  • Learning Resource Services Toolkit (Word document, 265kb)
    This document was developed independently by Colleges of Further and Higher Education Group of CILIP (Cohen) and the Council for Learning Resources in Colleges (CoLRiC).
  • Teaching and Learning Programme
  • Eastleigh Self Assessment Case Study - Appendix D Documents C - Teaching & Learning Self Evaluation (PDF file, 59kb)
    This case study demonstrates a College provider that uses a self-assessment process based on the Common Inspection Framework (CIF) with most aspects of FfE covered in the reporting structure.
  • Berkshire ACL Officers Strategic Objectives and protocol (Word document, 32kb)
    This document outlines the PRD Group's strategic objectives and a protocol for peer reviews involving paired observations of teaching and learning. This document comes from an ACL group and was submitted in March 2009.
  • WMLA PRD tutor group questions (Word document, 38kb)
    This is a series of questions which could be used/adapted by adult and community learning reviewers who are interviewing tutors, covering the implementation of RARPA, impact of observations of teaching and learning, CPD, Resources, understanding of organisational priorities and contribution to self-assessment. Submitted March 2009.
  • WHISKC ASCL case study (sub contracted provision and RARPA) (Word document, 202kb)
    An ACL PRD case study on sub-contracted provision in June 2009 and four templates to be used in the review of RARPA provision including a checklist, questions for tutors and learners and a sample record of progress form for individual learners.
  • How to teach an outstanding lesson (Word document, 35kb)
    Delivering an outstanding lesson: a useful aide memoir for all teaching staff. It was written by Calderdale Adult Learning as part of their Observation of Teaching and Learning Scheme for 2008–9. (Summer 2008)
  • National PRD Group OTL case study (Word document, 69kb)
    This case study, produced by a group of national WBL organisations, outlines how the group used PRD to improve the profile and standard of Observation of Teaching & Learning within their organisations. Completed June 2009.