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Career Development

We know that effective career development is vital to help learners make appropriate decisions about their future including their learning and work options. We also know that the effective delivery of career development is increasingly being recognised as important in enabling the learning and skills sector to maximise success rates, and address government and sector agendas. It can have an impact on the recruitment, retention, achievement and progression of learners and also on Ofsted inspection outcomes.

It is clear that career development is a leadership issue and that leaders in the sector need to address how their organisation can deliver this support effectively to gain maximum benefits for all their learners and their organisation.

LSIS has worked with the sector to develop resources to support staff in developing the skills and knowledge necessary to enable them to provide career development for learners.

Publications and Guidance

Easy access to a range of useful articles and reports on career development and related topics as well as links to useful websites and organisations. 

CPD materials

These materials can help you learn more about how to deliver effective career development. They can be used to deliver training sessions in your organisation.

Careers Blueprint

The Careers Blueprint is a set of competencies to help people plan, manage and develop their careers.

Training and Support

LSIS and other organisations offer a range of training and support related to career development.