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Work Based Learning - Learning from the best

This resource shares a set of self assessment tools. These have been devised to help providers develop their own improvement plans in ways which are grounded in the practicalities of managing a successful organisation in the context of Work based learning provision. They draw on existing outstanding practice.

This tool along with other materials have been developed by twelve providers working together; who have agreed to share their work with you.


Six themes have emerged during the research phase of the project and help group the different aspects of an effective organisation into recognisable broad areas. Between them they encompass the criteria of the Common Inspection Framework . They also reflect the issues that providers feel directly affect the viability of an organisation and its sustainable approach to development in a changing environment.

Areas covered by themes

  • Review - Monitoring and evaluating organisational effectiveness
  • Employers - Improving relationships with employers
  • Learners - Maximising learner potential
  • Staff - Supporting and developing staff
  • Strategy - processes and skills to develop an outstanding organisation
  • Barriers - Indentifying and overcoming barriers

What to do next

Take a look through the Themes and try out the self assessment tool.

Find out about the journey of these twelve providers in developing this resource - by having a look at the process page.