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Eggbuckland Community College

Post-16 Citizenship activity at Eggbuckland Community College

Eggbuckland Community College believes that challenge and ownership of the curriculum by the students is a key to engaging them with their school and their own learning. The varied opportunities for young people to show responsibility can be found in our Student Leadership Scheme. This scheme operates throughout the College with its management level being embedded into the Sixth Form as part of the Student Leadership Programme.

This programme is core for all Post 16 students. It enables them to engage in a Citizenship programme which runs across both Tutorial and Leadership lessons. These lessons are built around the idea of Personal Effectiveness. To be personally effective, students need to be able to understand their place in their community and to make a contribution to it. They need to be able to plan for their own futures, understanding the need to be autonomous, aware and focused in whatever area of life they find themselves. They need to be able to understand the pressures which affect their health and well-being, developing strategies to help beat stress. They need to develop skills - linguistic, musical, sporting, vocational. They need to be able to solve problems, work with others, monitor their own learning and performance and carry out, present and discuss research.

To develop effectiveness in all of these areas, students carry out a series of challenges which lead to the ASDAN Certificate Of Personal Effectiveness. These include Community Action, Community Placement, Young Enterprise, Skill Development, Global Research and Leisure Pursuits. There are increasing opportunites for students to develop their Citizenship understanding through carrying out such research challenges in their individual subject areas. Students record their progress using an eILP, through which their work can be certificated.

Citizenship coordinator's top tips for setting up post-16 citizenship activity:

  • Get involved with the ASDAN Certificate of Personal Effectiveness
  • Give yourself plenty of time to plan ahead - delivering Citizenship effectively is more complex than it looks
  • Think about extrinisic motivation - tell your students what they will get out of your programme in terms of opening up opportunities and recognition from people who matter like HE providers and employers
  • Get everyone in your community onside - parents, students, teaching and non-teaching staff
  • Education should be about looking outwards to communitiesbeyond the school gates - can you afford not to do post-16 Citizenship?

How this organisation could help you:

Eggbuckland Community College is happy to support any organisations seeking to develop Citizenship into the post 16 provision. We could offer this support in a variety of ways:

  • Sharing of resources and programmes of study
  • Learning visits to the College to observe and work alongside staff and students
  • Development of cluster groups to support other institutions.
  • On-line support through e-mail
  • Presentations and workshops by staff and students on a variety of issues
  • See also the Eggbuckland Community College leaflet on post-16 citizenship activity

Contact information

Name of citizenship coordinator: Gaie Tweedie
Citizenship coordinator’s telephone: 01752 720045
Citizenship coordinator’s email:
Organisation website: