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Key Skills 4 U

This section provides information about key skills, you can access the Key Skills Trainer e-learning resource and practice tests, and download useful materials like the good practice guide and tutor guides for Levels 1 & 2. Navigate this section using the left-hand menu.

Important note: Before using the KeySkills4U practice tests and trainer, please see the information at the bottom of this page.

Image and link to the Key Skills 4U trainer website

Image and link to information about the Key Skills 4U practice tests website

Further information about the tests

LSIS took over responsibility for hosting this website in October 2010 which had been previously developed and hosted by a third party. Given the anticipated changes to Key Skills expected later in 2012, we are now only able to offer the KS4U test websites as archives for reference and will no longer be actively maintaining them.

Inaccuracies in the tests

Since taking over the hosting of the KeySkills4U website, we have become aware of some inaccuracies in questions and answers. LSIS carried a review of the KeySkills4U question sets to ensure that we can point users of this popular resource to accurate and relevant question sets. The information below also helps to identify questions which map to functional skills areas.

The files listed below provide details of the correct questions and answers for each of the tests:

How the tests relate to functional skills

The following files provide guidance about which of the KeySkills4U practice tests relate to which functional skills criteria: