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Support for British Sign Language teachers

Welcome to this web space created especially for Deaf British Sign Language Teachers. This web space has been provided by LSIS, and you will find a wealth of information and resources which have been collected and made available for you. Included also is information about BSL Teachers' networks in the UK and material which may help you develop your BSL courses.

This web space is geared towards those BSL teachers working in FE and skills sector. The information is divided in to four sections. The first section deals with quality training. This covers questions such as how you become a teacher, what are the necessary skills and how do you go about acquiring the qualifications. A range of information is also provided about who is involved in the training of teachers and the process that allows you to then go on and teach BSL in line with IFL - The Institute for Foreign Languages.

The second part deals with resources, materials and information used to teach BSL and how this forms part of the curriculum that is currently followed nationally. You will also find information about assessments and who the awarding bodies are. In the future it is expected that you will be invited to make your teaching materials available on this web space so we can facilitate the sharing of materials and resources used for teaching BSL.

The third section where development is on-going focuses on BSL teacher networks. It is hoped that in the future up to date information will be provided pertaining to work the networks are involved with such as meetings and events and training locally and nationally. BSL teachers will then be able to access information about what is on including training days. This section currently provides information about different organisations and networks and contact details.

The fourth and final section provides other information such as quality assurance and other websites you can visit which offer useful information. So that is all the information about how the web space is structured and We hope you are now able to navigate the various sections and pages and find it helpful.