About the new Excellence Gateway

To create the new Gateway we have taken the files from the old Excellence Gateway that were in a variety of media formats e.g. Word, PDF, ppt, mpeg, and put them in a repository that can be searched either through free text search or by using filters to browse.  We have also developed a new taxonomy, a set of vocabularies of keywords, to catalogue the resources. 

Closure of legacy sites on 30th September

On 30th September we will close the last 3 legacy sites from the old Excellence Gateway.    Most of the material from these sites has been migrated to the current Excellence Gateway though not everything was deemed “fit to migrate” as it may be out of date and no longer meets the requirements at the particular level it was originally designed for.


The 3 sites closing are

  1. Readwriteplus - http://rwp.excellencegateway.org.uk/
  2. Move on - http://www.move-on.org.uk/
  3. Key Skills Trainer - http://keyskillstrainer.excellencegateway.org.uk/

Most of the material from these sites has been migrated to the current Excellence Gateway and can be found using a search by subject and level on the home page



Below are some FAQs that should help you find the old material. 

If you still can’t find what you are looking for please send an email EGfeedback@etfoundation.co.uk and someone from the support team will try to assist you in your search.

FAQs about material from the old sites


Q I am looking for the Literacy, numeracy or ESOL audio material, where can I find it.

A Most of this material was on the old ReadWritePlus site and is sometimes also known as the Skills for life material.  However the audio files were on a separate site. Files have now been placed in zip folders with all of the relevant learner material, teacher notes and audio files being together in these zip files.  Diagnostic assessment, learner material, teacher’s notes and associated audio files can be downloaded from 



Q Where are the audio files for the Literacy, Numeracy and ESOL material?

A These are in zip folders accessed from the document on the link above.  


Q Where is the embedded material?

A Again this material was on the old ReadWritePlus site mostly under the “Vocational” link in Embedded material”.  These fields have all been migrated and can be located by a search using the relevant subject.  Use the filters on the right hand side and search by the subject you are looking for. 


Q Where are the practice tests?

A These tests that were part of Move on have not been migrated as they are out of date and do not reflect the requirements of the new curriculum for maths and English.


Q Where is the interactive material?

A We have taken interactive resources for English (Literacy), Maths (Numeracy), ESOL and IT from the old Read write plus, Move on and Key skills Trainer sites wherever possible and rebuilt them to work on modern operating systems.  These resources can be accessed here.



Q Has everything been moved to the new site?

A We were not able to transfer all material from the old sites.  Sometimes files were damaged, in a format that we could not migrate or built in an old package that we could not afford to update or rebuild. 


Q Why have we redesigned the Gateway?

The old Excellence Gateway consisted of thousands of web pages across a series of websites. The information on these pages was becoming dated and it was prohibitively expensive for the Education and Training Foundation to host, maintain and update them.  That is why we have moved to the new style Gateway, maintaining access to thousands of valuable and well-used resources paid for by public investment.  By simplifying the repository where these resources sit and making access to them more cost effective and good value for the public purse, we have tried to ensure that this provision is sustainable.  The new Gateway will also provide an excellent location for the many new resources being produced by the sector through ETF commissions.