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Peer Review and Development

Peer Review and Development (PRD) is a highly successful continuous improvement collaborative methodology that is widely used in the learning and skills sector.

PRD activity takes place in peer groups usually of same sector providers (although mixed sector groups exist) where a range of continuous improvement activities are undertaken, for example:

- Information sharing/ best practice/benchmarking

- Joint continuing professional development (CPD)

- Reviewing aspects of providers provision eg; self assessment and improvement planning

- External, paired observations

- Collaborative development activity

PRD Groups

There are approximately 130 PRD groups working across the country. These groups are made up of providers from General Further Education Colleges (GFE’s), Work Based Learning Providers, Adult and Community Learning, Providers, Voluntary and Community Sector Providers, Land Based Colleges and Independent Specialist Colleges.

For resources organised by theme or sector, or relating to establishing a group, use the links in the left hand menu.

Newsletters and details of past and future PRD-related events are available on the News and events pages.

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PRD Advisors

Our PRD Advisors have extensive knowledge and experience of the Further Education and Skills Sector and the PRD Process. They can offer advice and support on all stages of the PRD cycle, providing guidance on documentation and good practice materials, facilitating the embedding of PRD in the Quality Cycles of all group members, and identifying the impacts of PRD.

The PRD Advisor Leaflet provides a summary of who your PRD Advisors are, contact details and what support they can give you.