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The Excellence Gateway is changing

Screenshot of new EG web site

On 31st January 2015 we will launch the new the Excellence Gateway.

It will be significantly different from the current EG

  • There will be no webpages
  • Resources will be accessed through the search facility
  • You will be also be able to search and browse for resources using the filters, Audience, Curriculum area, Level, Resource type, Sub sector and/or Theme

It will be a library of resources. We are in the process of migrating useful resources from legacy sites such as Readwriteplus, Move on and the Teaching and Learning Programme. These plus other legacy sites will remain accessible until March when they will be switched off.

Why is this happening?

The current Excellence Gateway that the Education and Training Foundation inherited from LSIS is made up of a series of loosely connected websites making searching across the whole site difficult or impossible and is expensive to host and maintain. The redeveloped site will have improved search facilities and will be significantly cheaper for the Foundation to host and maintain enabling more money to be used to provide other support services to the sector.

Look out for the new site live from 1 February 2015

Meanwhile, have a look at the SEND site which is an example of the way we will present themed material from the Gateway in the future. These sites will highlight both new and legacy resources around current issues for the sector.

About the Excellence Gateway

The Excellence Gateway provides you with easy access to thousands of resources to support your professional development in the FE and Skills sector.

You can also find useful advice and improvement support contacts at the Education and Training Foundation.

You can always contact the Excellence Gateway team with any queries about this website or to give us your feedback.